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Guest Blog - Birdlife 3 - A Visit from a Tawny Owl

Steve Carrow owns the beautiful Nuthatch Cottage. The stunning gardens are a haven for bird life. Steve monitors the bird life for the British Trust for Ornithology and he is now doing a regular guest blog for us.  This is the third post of the series. 


Had a shock on the evening 13th May, when Christine noticed something different in the ash tree at the top of the garden. On closer inspection saw it was a young tawny owl. When they leave the nest they often are unable to fly and just sit on a branch near the nest for a couple of days.  It was a lovely sunny evening so we had a great view of it.


We had an unexpected visit from a tawny owl

We did see a young tawny owl on the same branch in 2007 on 15th May. The nest hole is nearby in the main trunk. The visitor was gone by the next morning.

It was really special seeing the owl, but I'm left wondering if the owls have used the nest every or most years since 2007, and we have missed it, as the opportunity to see it is relatively small.