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Guest Blog - Birdlife 1

Steve Carrow owns the beautiful Nuthatch Cottage. The stunning gardens are a haven for bird life. Steve monitors the bird life for the British Trust for Ornithology and he is now doing a regular guest blog for us.












We started coming to mid wales for holidays in the 1980s, and fell in love with its peaceful beauty and wildlife.

To see a single red kite was a highlight of the week, not knowing that in the oak wood above where we now live was one of the guarded nests of the few remaining pairs. The daily sight of these wonderful birds is still a highlight.    The bird life in the so special welsh sessile oak woods, although not unique, is still something to behold.

We moved to mid wales in 2002, buying an old farm house in a remote valley with oak woods coming down the hills either side and a small river meandering by the garden.   We immediately put out bird feeders to attract them, now having 3 feed stations around the house and 1 outside Nuthatch Cottage which is only inches away from the lounge window giving wonderful close ups. We feed them with peanuts, niger seed, fat balls, meal worms, sunflower hearts and home made fat slices, costing us a small fortune to keep them going.

The regular visitors to them include the blue, great and coal tits, chaffinch, goldfinch, siskin, sparrow, nuthatch and greater spotted woodpecker. Others seen daily around the garden are blackbird, dunnock, wren, pied wagail, robin and in the sky above are raven, buzzard and red kite. Often seen are grey wagtails, greenfinch, jay and song thrush.

Others regularly heard are the tawny owl and green woodpecker. The less common visitors are bullfinch, treecreeper, kingfisher, heron, sparrow hawk and dipper.