We hope that you're keeping safe.  We are following Welsh Government guidance and in the case of cancellation as a result of the Corona crisis, we will refund your payment. For questions related to your holiday and coronavirus, look at our COVID-19 FAQs and check out our Safe Travels Page.

Please email to cancel or reschedule your holiday if your booking is between 23rd October and 9th November to comply with Wales' fire-break lockdown, or if you are travelling from a tier 2 or tier 3 area.

Support Brecon Mountain Rescue

Donate £1 towards supporting the Brecon Mountain Rescue

The Brecon Beacons and the Black Mountains are stunning and are a playground for us with the fantastic walking, mountain biking, climbing, horse riding and kayaking, (to name but a few) that they offer. But, however well you prepare for your trip, conditions can change and they can be dangerous, this after all is where many of our armed forces train – making use of the wild and often difficult terrain.

The Brecon Mountain Rescue Team is an emergency service which undertakes mountain and wilderness search and rescue for climbers and hill walkers. Its skills are also deployed by the police to search for vulnerable or missing persons in the community where the team can employ their specialist medical and rescue techniques Every member of the team is a volunteer, and the costs are entirely funded by donation. These donations are vital – they go towards the training of the volunteers (not only in the traditional mountain rescue skills such as navigation, communications, pyrotechnics, search management, blue light driving, off road driving, technical rescue ropework, working with helicopters, mountain rescue casualty care & so on, but also crime scene awareness, swiftwater search & rescue techniques, kayak search techniques and water incident management) and to the kit including the communications devices and vehicles.

We value the Brecon Mountain Rescue Team and would love it if our customers donated £1 for each booking to support the team. If you'd rather not, just untick the box on the booking page and if you'd like to give more or support them in some other way, visit their website or follow them on Twitter