We hope that you're keeping safe.  We are following Welsh Government guidance and in the case of cancellation as a result of the Corona crisis, we will refund your payment. For questions related to your holiday and coronavirus, look at our COVID-19 FAQs and check out our Safe Travels Page.

Please email to cancel or reschedule your holiday if your booking is between 23rd October and 9th November to comply with Wales' fire-break lockdown, or if you are travelling from a tier 2 or tier 3 area.

Brecon Beacons Holiday Cottages and Coronavirus

This is an unprecedented situation, and we’re all trying to do our best.   As a local agency, we need to try to work in the interest of our customers, owners and our staff.  

The situation is constantly changing.  If your booking is due to take place in the next 2-3 weeks, please check Wales' lockdown restrictions at www.gov.wales as well as the restrictions in your country of residence (if different) and local restrictions.

Currently, there are several areas under lockdown in Wales, and there will be a17 day 'circuit breaker' lockdown from Friday 23rd October.

If you reside in an area of local lockdown, or one of England's tier 2 or tier 3 areas, or your booking is between 23rd October and 9th November, please email us to transfer your holiday to a later date or cancel.  If your booking is beyond the next 2-3 weeks, please await further government review and guidance.

We have provided as much info as possible in our FAQs below to help with different scenarios, these contain all the general information and instructions that our team would be able to give if you were to contact them.  

If, after reading this, you still need to contact us please email us, as we are inundated with calls.  

Our details:

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T: 01874 676446
E: enquiries@breconcottages.com

I'd like to book a holiday, but I'm worried it will be cancelled as a result of Corona virus. Will I be able to get a refund?

You can book your holiday with confidence. If you are unable to travel as a result of Government advice, a track and trace restriction on your travel or because you or anyone in your party is suffering symptoms of Covid19, we will transfer your holiday or offer a refund.

I have a booking with you, can I still go?

If your booking complies with the government regulations of your country of residence, Wales, and any local lockdown restrictions, you can still go. Otherwise, we’ll be happy to re-book or refund your booking.

Can I amend my booking as a result of the Coronavirus?

If you’d like to amend your booking, email us. Many of our owners are happy to rearrange the bookings. We won't charge a fee for amending the booking, but you may need to pay if there's a difference in the price of the holiday. If you need to cancel, we will refund the cost of the booking.

What should I do if I or one of my party feels unwell during my stay?

In the first instance you should follow the government advice government advice here: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/. If the symptoms are Coronavirus related, contact the property owner before you leave the property so that we can make arrangements.

I have a booking for more than 6 people, what should I do?

You have the choice of postponing your holiday or, if it works for your party, reducing the number of people in the party. In some cases, owners are offering discounts for smaller parties.

The area in which I live is in lockdown (in England tier 2 or tier 3), what should I do?

If your holiday is due to begin in the next two weeks, please contact us to reschedule/ cancel your holiday.