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A Photographer's Insight- Valentines Press Shoot

Armed with roses, chocolates and champagne we headed to the Tower where we were greeted by Geinor and her husband, a kind, welcoming couple who were so warm, friendly and helpful supplying Paul and myself with enough tea, Jaffa Cakes and bacon sarnies to feed a family! She was so amenable to everything we asked for considering we moved a lot of furniture about to get our lights in and create the shot.

We had three shots in mind for print and online publication and felt three options would give enough range and scope for differing articles whilst still retaining a theme and personality.

SHOT ONE-The whole room - in which we could see the bed; possibly better for larger magazine articles and our own online image gallery. SHOT TWO-The detail semi close up - involving parts of the room and the props to infer romance and elegance whilst still retaining the idea that you are in a bedroom. Good for small sized articles and advertisements. SHOT THREE-The mid distance shot with graphic or obvious message element- involving props and more of the bedrooms than in the semi close up image. Good for small to medium sized articles and advertisements.

As customers and readers, you don't often get to see how we set up shots, but it can be a very long process getting the lighting, set and look just right. What might look strange to the eye will make a lot of sense through the lens of the camera.

(Behind the scenes shots of our set up. We actually tried 5 scenes but two got left on the cutting room floor as the other three were the majority favourites)

I was blown away by the 500 year old Grade II listed property that is the end wing of the main house, Twr Mihangel. When I go on holiday I want an experience, an adventure and to be comfortable. I really felt that this property gave you all of that. It was a great spot as it is only 10 minutes drive from Abergavenny where there are shops, a local market and the very popular Abergavenny Food Festival and not far from Hereford either.

The building is hugely romantic. The Tower is tall and has high ceilings, and an open fire downstairs in the bottom round room with a small kitchen and dining room next door. There are stairs leading up to the bedroom and a bathroom where there is a double shower and a double-ended bath. The bedroom oozes romance and luxury with this massive carved wooden four-poster bed topped off with little touches like a bathrobe and spa slippers.

(Taken quickly between setting up a shoot, this image is of the beautifully carved head board on the four-poster bed, not entirely sure what it shows but it looks like lovers taking their vows, very romantic!)

Geinor informed us that someone who had stayed had proposed recently to their girlfriend, and I thought, ‘Yes I think it is one of those places that creates beautiful memories.’

So what do you think of the Valentines PR images? We would love to know and get some feed back. If you

You can read my blog about prepping for the Valentines Shoot (Click the link) where you can see what local business and produce we used and the run up to arriving at The Tower.