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A Photographer's Insight: Lazy summer days as the Meeting House near Hay-on-Wye

Back in July my assistant, Tom and myself went out to a new holiday cottage called The Meeting House, in the rolling hills around Hay-on-Wye.

(Looking down the lane past the Meeting House, in the shot on the right you can see some red kites circling in the distance)

It was a hazy warm summer day when we shot, which proved hard as haze makes a really white foggy looking image in the camera. However, I really enjoyed shooting this property and the owners are a really lovely family. A couple of days previously their dog, a wire haired Weimaraner had just given birth so Tom and I popped over in between shooting rooms to see the pups! They were very cute and I wished I could've taken one home.

The Meeting House reminds me of vacations in France. the glorious views from the kitchen/dining room deck over the rolling landscape with the setting sun right in front of you and lazy warm summer days cycling in to the nearby village to visit the farmers market and buy fresh bread and vegetables. It is the good life.

But enough of daydreaming!(which is what I felt like doing all day at the Meeting House)

The lay out & rooms:

Throughout the house the rooms are very reasonably sized with a master suit, two double rooms and an extra bathroom on the ground floor.

On the middle floor are the living areas, with a generous sized living room, complete with wood burning stove and three large settees to accommodate all shapes and sizes. On the landing there is an area to retreat into a corner with a book or gaze out of the window and another shared shower room and toilet. Following past the shower room and there is an open plan kitchen-dining area with a long settee, where Tom and I opened the French doors and felt the warm summer breeze flood in.


(The kitchen and views from the deck)

This was my favourite room, I loved the light in here and the views were so inspiring, I just wanted to sit out on the deck all afternoon, a glass of wine in my hand, soaking up the sun with some music playing through the house.

Top floor is the hideaway, a playroom with a pool table and television, ideal for children to escape to if it rains or when they are not playing in the large garden that flows up the bank behind the house. On this floor is a 3 bed room also idea for children leading on to a shared bathroom with a long bath. This is fantastic as it means they can have the whole floor to themselves.

(The children's area- top floor)

This house is more than ideal for families or couples with children. The walk in to Hay-on-Wye is doable (about 3 miles) with older children, depending on what their stamina is and with canoe, Vespa or bicycle hire easily available in the local area there is plenty of fun to be had in the surrounding countryside.

(Peace and tranquility, and area to escape on the middle floor landing)

It would be a great place to create happy memories.

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