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It's Easy Being Green!

Liz and Paul own two of our cottages - Swallows Haven and Bryniau Pell, which are rated Gold by the prestigious Green Tourism Business Scheme. In this blog they outline the key steps they took to make their cottages as green as possible.  Book online, or give us a call if you'd like to book a green trip to the Brecon Beacons. 

Easy being ‘Green’

One of our guests once said that he hadn't realised how green we were, it just seemed like a normal cottage... and that is just what we want. We have been rated 'Gold' by the Green Tourism Business Scheme, but for us, 'green' does not mean cold, basic with no home comforts, it means warm, comfortable and cosy.

Sheep at Bryniau Pell and Swallows Haven
The roaring stove






We think there are six easy steps:

Recycle – staying here just about everything may be recycled. Plastics, glass, metal, paper & card and compost. Not much left for the bin man! Lighting – As bulbs went we replaced with LEDs. Cheaper to run and better light than the old type eco bulbs. Heating – all radiators have thermostats, curtains are lined, wood burners come with free logs, ideal for a snuggle and cuddle. Duvet days – not that we encourage these when there is so much to do, but if you should, our duvets and pillows are soft and comfy made from recycled plastic bottles and the linen is organic, fairtrade cotton. Shop and eat local – before your stay with us we offer to shop for you or you can buy one of our own breakfast hampers. During your stay collect eggs, buy meals, meat and soup from the freezer and delicious locally handmade biscuits. The local pub even does takeaway beer. Walk and talk – instead of driving for the day way not take a walk around the farm, or up the hill. Enjoy the sounds of the countryside. Build dens, dam streams, spot birds, feed lambs, gaze at the stars and enjoy your surroundings.

So six easy steps, but you are staying on an organic farm in the Brecon Beacons. You just can’t get much better than that. But oh did I mention we produce our own electricity and your central heating is from a big log burner using timber produced on the farm. Why not ask about planting a tree during your stay?

The chickens
Build a den on the farm