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Guest Blog - Birdlife 4 - Nestbox Activity

guest-blogger (Small)
Steve Carrow owns the beautiful Nuthatch Cottage. The stunning gardens are a haven for bird life. Steve monitors the bird life for the British Trust for Ornithology and he is now doing a regular guest blog for us.  This is the fourth post of the series.


Nuthatch nest boxes
Lots going on in the nest boxes, although not so many have completed nests as over the last couple of years. Had two great tits nesting, one had 10 hatched and they are growing like mad. The other only laid 1 egg and then no more action for 10 days, when a pied flycatcher took over the box and built a new nest on top and now there's 6 eggs in it. Another pied flycatcher  has laid 9 eggs, which is the more than is usual, 7 being the most I've had before. The first flycatcher nest has just started hatching.

We have several blue tit nests, some have started to hatch.  Also have one redstart nesting with 5 eggs. 

The biggest blow is the pied wagtail nest, which had 5 eggs, but something has taken them. They use the half 

open style of box which gives easier access. Don't know what took them, could have been weasel, stoat, squirrel or woodpecker. 

We have a blue tit in the camera box with 9 eggs, and it's been fascinating to watch the mother on it's nest and all her actions and behaviour. They have started to hatch, 4 so far.