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Great Places to Eat in Brecon

Being a lover of good food I have frequented a few places in Brecon over the years and thought it was about time that a little write up was done on where is good to eat in the town. If you have been to some places in Brecon, we’d love to know about it, although we live in the area it’s always great when we have recommendations and find a new hidden gem.

Here are my top picks:

Casa Café: https://www.facebook.com/casabrecon/?fref=ts

Good for: Breakfast, Brunch and Lunch

Type of food: Mixed-Healthy, Italian, American

Location: St Mary's Street (behind St Mary's Church in the center of Brecon)

Casa’s Café is one of my faves, and when I go in there it's not often I don’t see predominantly local faces, which is always a good sign.

The food is a mix of Mediterranean, American and Italian, with a few healthy smoothies and veggie options.

I just can’t keep away from the streaky bacon and American pancakes with maple syrup on a Saturday Brunch with the girls. Their sandwiches are jam-packed and the bread is like doorstoppers, you definitely get your money’s worth.

Going for a real cheat day? They do really naughty Deluxe Hot Chocolates with mountains of cream and marshmallows.

Otherwise I normally pop in here for some poached eggs and a coffee or a green smoothie.

The atmosphere is young and fresh and it offers a shaded terrace space to the side in the summer.

They also do take away, so could get your packed lunch for your walk, even stock up on a massive slice of rocky road as well to keep your energy up. The portions are not small.

The only down side here is that it is very popular and can get really busy, so booking a table is always a good option.

The Brecon Tap: http://breconinns.co.uk/

Good for: Lunch and Supper

Type of food: Pie and Mash, does offer other things, check the website.

Location: The Bulwark in the center of Brecon, oposite the statue of the Duke of Wellington.

The idea is simple, Beer and Pies. (They don't just serve beer, but the beer they do serve is locally brewed and they know their stuff.)

The result is just amazing; the pie menu has 3 or 4 choices, though every time I've gone for the same pie, as I loved it so much (the Mediterranean). The Mediterranean pie is chorizo, chicken and pork, so good if you are a porcine fan like I am.

They also have more on the special menu which is a different pie ever week.

From here you then get a choice of two sides. The two times I’ve been there have been different things on, so I would guess this changes all the time.

First time I had mash with black pudding, which was deliciously rich, but a really good accompaniment. I went for peas as well as I was playing it safe.

The next time I had spicy chickpeas instead and couscous, also really tasty.

The only downside to the facilities is that the table and chairs don’t quite sit well with each other. The chairs are too low for the tables and also the stuffing in some of them is a bit lacking, easily remedied with some new higher, firmer chairs. There are sofas for others who just fancy a drink with lower, coffee style tables.

The Gurkha Corner: http://www.gurkhacorner.co.uk/

Good for: Lunch and Supper

Type of food: Nepalese

Location: The start of Glamorgan Street (near the Museum and the Zebra Crossing)

If you are looking for something a little different than Chinese and Indian cuisine then this is for you, it is Nepalese food which fuses the two together and is cooked by Gurkha chefs so 100% authentic.

Brecon is a place where the Gurkha army train, and with the army come their families and they delicious recipes!

The food is really very good. And doesn’t have the same oily taste as some Asian foods. If you don’t like too much spice you can set the level of heat you would like in your meal.

My favourite meals to get are the Chicken or Pork Momos for starters and the Sisnu (Nettle) Curry and some Pilau Rice.

The restaurant in Brecon is a small cozy space, maybe 8 tables? But the Abergavenny restaurant is much, much larger.

The staff are really friendly and attentive and the food has a little bit of a wait, about 20-30 mins, which I like as you know they have actually cooked it and in the mean time, just have a chat and enjoy each others company.

This restaurant also does takeaway, check out the menu online.

The only down side is that it can be busy on the weekends and Thursdays, which are army nights, so booking a table is advisable.

Blog and photos by Lucy Gold