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Another Day at the Office!

Poor Old Willy, the office black Lab, has been pretty under the weather lately and been backwards and forwards to the vets. He has been prescribed steroids for a few weeks and seems to be on the mend.

Glasnant our neighbour has been in and mowed our two hay fields – the fields are organic and have been a wonderful sight full of flowers and different grasses.

Last night Willy went for his usual walk but then dawdled and did not bother to come back in – when we wanted to go to bed, we thought where is he? – I blew the whistle no sign. Walked down the lane a bit and I could see in the twilight this black shape jumping up and down like a yoyo in the field -  it turns out he was tossing the hay and trying to catch field mice!!

This morning Carolyn and I went to the other side of the village to see a “new property” – we are never quite sure who we are going to meet or what we are going to see.  An annex we were told – so you think probably a bit boring.

We drove up the lane and through the electric gates – crunched across the drive and parked beside the most glorious pink roses – no name but they were supplied by Harkness. We walked up several flights of stone steps past the recently planted grape vines, to a glass fronted building with an Italian feel about it – so this was the annex! Turning around I was amazed by the most glorious panoramic view across The Usk Valley to the river meandering through.

Inside this contemporary stone building with a glass conservatory, a new kitchen and dining area and with a light elegant bedroom with an en-suite walk in massive shower.

Watch this space coming on the books soon. 

View from Brecon Cottages

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