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'The Aftermath' Book Launch

I had a really enjoyable evening on Friday with a glass of wine and in good company. I went to The Hours Bookshop in Brecon for the Book Launch of Rhidian Brook’s latest book The Aftermath….

Rhidian is the son of the owner of one of our cottages - Old Crofftau, and is the author of The Testimony Of Taliesin Jones and  Jesus And The Adman.  He's also a regular on Radio 4's Thought for the Day. 

The Aftermath is already Amazon’s “best selling” book of the month.  The book is about a reflective act of compassion, a piece of family history transposed to a novel set in post war Hamburg.  I've started reading it, and am hooked!

Ridley Scott has bought the film rights – so buy the book and say you read it first; definitely one for The Book Club...